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We would like to introduce our company which specializes in car upholstery.

We hope the information you find on our website will make you familiar with a wide range of services we offer. We have been present on the upholstery market since 1997. Our well-qualified workers and the quality of services we have been offering for many years guarantee that you will be satisfied with our job.

We cooperate with a lot of warehouses both domestic and foreign ones. We can offer a great choice of leather and upholstery fabric used in the car branch for all brands and models.

Our customers are owners of old, unique models of cars as well as new, modern, sports cars. The quality of our activity is supported by the cooperation of such institutions as: the Academy of Art in Cracow – the Department of Industrial Forms, a former FSO company, Leopard, Fulco, the Museum of Polish Aviation in Krakow and many others.


You are invited to use our services.



Mariusz Sosnowski

The range of work we offer

  • car upholstery for all brands,
  • renovation and reconstruction of old-timers,
  • sewing and fixing hoods for cabrio cars,
  • sewing dashboards, steering wheels, ceiling lining and floor covering,
  • reconstruction and renovation of dashboards up to airbags,
  • the upholstery of motorbike seats, interiors of yachts and campers,
  • embossing and embroiding logos and writings, SEE IT!
  • the unusual upholstery,
  • on request of our customers we clean and impregnate cabrio hoods and leather upholstery.
Latitude: 49°58’52,48”Pn
Longitude: 20°07’58,95”W
Coordinates Google Maps – latitude: 49.980955
Coordinates Google Maps – longitude: 20.133039
Our company has been present on the upholstery market for 17 years. This is how we work…